Bringing to life the ethos of Ehua’s latest release on Nervous Horizon, “Aquamarine” is the multidisciplinary visual project directed by Matteo Zamagni accompanying the opening track of the homonymous EP inspired by the colour and motion of water.

Carrying out a study of the movement of corals, algae and jellyfish and of the different physical limitations these organisms experience with movement director Viola Bruni, Ehua transmutes into a mythological hybrid creature who exists and explores the surrounding environment through movement in a metaphorical, zero gravity limbo between immobility and complete freedom.

The sculpture-like costume — hand sewn by Ehua, designed and handcrafted from liquid latex with Zamagni — is the protagonist of the video: a coral reef of imaginary biological organisms which grows and lives in symbiosis with Ehua’s body as it moves harnessing the ocean currents.

A surreal journey into the life of imaginary codependent ecosystems, the video is the result of Zamagni and Ehua’s joint creative efforts from dancing, to costume design, handcrafting, filmmaking and 3D art.

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