A world where water is the basis of our #coresystem.
Part of a collection of visuals #waterlove #LIQUIDLOVE #sexualwater for #TEChnoKaos sounds. Transmuting realities describe my sound environment. Sometimes it’s ambient sound overload, then there’s my mental noise.
I try to explore the duality between
the digital/virtual and the real world as an art installation.
Basing my videos on soundscape, creating collages to generate imaginary as realistic effects combined with images of post-human blue worlds with post-natural wild aquatic ecosystems reminds me of what D’Escrivan calls “imaginary hearing”. Presence and audio
in an “immersive” visual reality that I call “x 999 x attractions” : which currently has 4 video-sequences or as I call them; “minutes d’amour dans l’eau”:


Months and seasons pass, all indifferent. Love blooms, love dies. Time marches on,
despite the withering of passion, the suffering of love. How do we recognize the injustice
– of our countries or our desires, when all this is forgotten?
This fragility, the awareness that everything is ephemeral, that even tenderness and carnal desires can be shattered, is the true feeling of these short films.
Our days will pass, we will be far away and soon forget.
The camera and they are still, only their eyes flicker. The eyes of artists who care,
care for the water in their gaze with strength.Berlin- Murcia (Spain) 2022-23
Virginia Díaz. Project FUTURO3000.